June 17, 2024

Mitter Sain Meet

Novelist and Legal Consultant


Mitter Sain Meet @ Mitter Sain Goyal is a well known Punjabi Novelist. He has six novels to his credit. Four novels namely ‘Tafteesh’, ‘Katehra’, ‘Sudhar Ghar’ and ‘Kaurav Sabha’ depict the depths of Criminal justice system of India. Sudhar Ghar was honoured with Sahitya Academy Award in the year 2008. Hindi version, of ‘Tafteesh’ has been published by National Book Trust of India, of ‘Kaurav Sabha’ by Gyan Peeth, triology of ‘Tafteesh’, ‘Katehra’ and ‘Sudhar Ghar’ (Ramrajya) by Sahitya Upkaram.

He is the holder of LL.B degree (from Punjab University Chandigarh, Department of Laws) with distinction. He has equal command on writing research papers on legal matters. Till now his ten books, relating to pro-victim case law, have been published. Two are in English and eight are in Punjabi. His law books are also highly appreciated by the common masses as it provides them important legal knowledge in their simple mother tongue. The Police Bureau of Research and Development, Govt. of India, too has honoured him with its distinguished award ‘Pandit Gobind Ballabh Pant Award’ in the year 2008.

He stood 1st in B.A. (Hons. in Mathematics) and Punjabi University Patiala decorated him with Gold Medal in the year 1976. He has many more such feathers in his cap.


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